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Organised group spreading false news items on social media - Namal

MP Namal Rajapaksa said yesterday that former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa is in good health and requested the public and others refrain from making incorrect statements about his health condition.

“This topic is constantly discussed on social media and an organised group” is engaged in spreading this type of false news item in order to direct public attention to the wrong way.

Addressing a media briefing held yesterday, he requested the people to confirm the accuracy of such reports before spreading false information. He also urged the public to refrain from sharing such news.

Meanwhile, MP Rajapaksa further said there was no truth in him or any of his family members having connections to a fuel company in Qatar. There is a false news circulating on social media that an individual called Namal Rajapaksa was linked to an Oil company in Qatar and there is no connection to him in this regard. He further said that a particular company has also released a statement on this allegation.

He further said attention should be given to fulfil the public requirements and not for making false propaganda.

“If anyone has doubt or problem in this regard,a complaint can be filed at the Criminal Investigation Department or with the Police Financial Crimes Investigation Division requesting for an investigation into the matter,” Rajapaksa added.


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