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SLTDA Chairman writes to IGP over fuel refusal for foreigner

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) Chairman Priyantha Fernando, sending a letter to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) on Saturday, has lodged a complaint over the incident where a Police Officer refused to provide fuel to some foreigners at a filling station in Galle on Friday (1).

A video clip relating to the incident went viral on social media thereafter, which shows that the particular senior police officer informs some foreigners in the queue accompanied by a kid that fuel will not be issued to them other than the health workers.“If you want to take some fuel, you better come on another day. Today we are not issuing to any other. Only for health service”, the officer said.

“When one of the foreigners asked if he meant that there is no petrol in Sri Lanka, the officer said that they could have it from an IOC shed nearby.

The police officer further informs the foreigners that it is the national policy to issue fuel only to the health workers on that day and not for any other. It was reported that the Chairman through his letter has requested the IGP to make his involvement to bring in a remedial action to this issue either by issuing a written statement or a video recording.


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