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STF teams to beef up fuel station security

The Public Security Ministry is contemplating on deploying the Police Special Task Force to ensure security at filling stations with the number of incidents around fuel stations are increasing.

At present, the Army, the police and the Air Force are deployed at filling stations.

In the last few days, the people clashed with the police and military teams who were engaged in security duty at fuel stations.

On Saturday there was a very tense situation near a fuel filling station in Moratuwa.

In addition, there have been clashes at number of fuel stations in the country.

There have also been reports of underworld criminals taking fuel by force without tokens near some petrol stations.

Intelligence agencies have also reported to the authorities that these people are inciting others and creating unwanted commotions.

Paying special attention to this situation, if a rioting incident is reported at a petrol station, it is the plan of the Ministry to send a Special Task Force team to the place immediately and control the situation.



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