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Sajith concerned over brain-drain, says wait for SJB govt

Opposition and Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Leader Sajith Premadasa expressed serious concern over the migration of the younger generation seeking better employment opportunities abroad and requested skilled and qualified youth to remain in the country until the SJB forms a new Government.

The Opposition Leader predicted that this unethical brain-drain concept   will never be stopped by the Government and it will definitely come to an end under an SJB Government in the near future.

The Opposition Leader made these remarks at a meeting attended by a group of educated young professionals in the country. He said unlike current leaders, the political leaders in the past ruled the country by providing people with all welfare facilities to live content and the SJB too wish to follow same principles by creating new jobs for the younger generation.

He said today’s situation is different as people in their thousands are wasting their valuable time in queues to buy fuel and essential goods and the Government has no proper plan to minimize such a deteriorating situation.

“As there is no sign of development plans in the country, the younger generation have lost their faith in the Government and as a result our young and educated blood is trying to seek employment in foreign countries,” he said.

Premadasa also focused attention towards the Government’s inability of solving the problems of hospitals and said lack of medicine and medical equipment in hospitals patients are facing immense hardships.

“In addition Government should open the school and universities immediately without further delay considering that children are the future assets in our country,” he said.



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