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Four involved in Tangalle murder arrested:

Gunman arrested in Kadawatha

Four of the five suspects arrested in connection with the shooting of a man in the Moraketi-Ara area in Tangalle have been arrested and three vehicles used in the incident have also been taken into police custody.

Two suspects had arrived on a motorcycle and shot at three persons that were travelling in a cab on June 5. One person was killed in the incident while two of the persons in the cab had sustained serious injuries and the Tangalle Police had commenced investigations.

According to the investigations, it has been revealed that the shooting had been orchestrated by a underworld figure residing abroad.

The gunman was arrested on June 28 and has been identified as a 52-year-old resident of Webada North, Kadawatha. The motorcycle used in the shooting had been found abandoned in the Dedduwawala area in the Beliatta Police Division while the suspects had been provided a rented vehicle to flee the area.

The police had also arrested two persons who had assisted the suspects to obtain the rented vehicle from a company that rents vehicles. They are a 59-year-old and 37-year-old residents of Nakulugamuwa and Kudawella.

The police had also recovered a hand grenade from the residence of one of the suspects.

Meanwhile, another two suspects who had aided and abetted in the shooting were also arrested from the Dematagoda and Aluthgama areas. They are 32 and 42 years of age and residents of the Maha-Induruwa and Dematagoda areas. One of the suspects was detained until June 29 on detention orders while the other suspect was remanded.

The suspects were produced in court on June 29 and the police had taken steps to obtain a detention order for gunman until July 4 while the others were ordered to be remanded until July 6.

The order was issued by the Tangalle Magistrate’s Court. Further investigations are continuing.

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