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Kandy petrol pump operators accused of taking bribes

A large number of people who have been waiting in line for days to get fuel have been forced to return empty handed due to several petrol stations in Kandy taking bribes from motorists and pumping excess quantities.

Despite the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) specifying the limit of fuel issued for motorcycles, cars and three wheelers, these pump operators obtain bribes of Rs.500-1000 from customers and pump fuel exceeding the specified quota.

Under the prevailing situation some pump operators earn over Rs.25,000 per day from bribes.

Although Police or military security has been deployed at filling stations to control clashes and unruly behaviour at filling stations, the Publicity Secretary of the All Ceylon Three wheeler Drivers and Owners Association, Acting Secretary of the Kandy Three wheeler Association Kapila Galapitage said that the authorities should focus attention on fuel pump operators accepting bribes ad pumping fuel exceeding the stipulated quotas.

Further, although fuel station employees have been given uniforms, in most fuel stations these employees do not wear their uniforms and the Petroleum Corporation should look into this matter.

Galapitage also noted that a racket is currently operated where people hold spots in fuel queues and sell these spots for bribes, adding that these brokers earn between Rs.10,000 to 30,000 per day.


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