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Issue Circular regarding teacher leave - Sri Lanka Islamic Teachers Association

The Sri Lanka Islamic Teachers' Association has requested the Eastern Provincial Director of Education to implement a Circular on teacher leave and the use of the fingerprint identification machine.

Islamic Teachers Association president of the Jesmie M. Musa in a letter via fax states, "We appreciate the efforts being made by the students to ensure that they do not jeopardize the welfare of the students, despite the various issues being raised regarding the teacher in the current extraordinary situation in the country."

While the manner in which some Principals have acted in accordance with the general instructions given by the Ministry of Education in advancing the schools in the period of the fuel crisis is commendable, many principals do not understand the sentiments of the teachers and act spontaneously.It is learned that some top officials of the Zonal Education Office are complicit in this. The letter also pointed out that the lack of clarity on how principals should behave is one of the reasons for such abuses.

With the country paralyzed by fuel shortages, anarchy is rampant by principals, including forcing long-distance teachers to come to school anyway, threatening to treat it as their own if they do not come, and using teachers' fingerprints to calculate their vacations. When some teachers questioned this, it was said that the provincial director could not make a formal announcement in this regard.

The letter further stated that in view of these matters the fingerprint identification machine should be suspended and action should be taken to urgently send to our province an appropriate Circular containing the instructions of the Ministry of Education regarding teacher leave for this period.

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