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Five arrested for creating trouble at fuel stations

Police will arrest those behaving riotously in the vicinity of petrol stations.

Accordingly, the Warakapola, Meegahawatta and Nikaweratiya police have arrested five persons last night (22) alone. Among them was an Army Lieutenant. 

A senior police official said that the decision to arrest the rioters was made because the rioters’ behaviour was escalating to such an extent that even members of the police and security forces deployed at the petrol stations could not perform their duties properly.

Meegahatenna Police have arrested three persons for rioting at a petrol station in Pelawatte on Wednesday night (22).

The suspects in the age group of 37 to 40 are residents of Hewessa and Pelawatte.

There was a riot at the petrol station on June 19 as well. The army even fired into the air to control the rioters and to protect the petrol station.


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