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In line with increasing Cost of Living

Labour Ministry to look into minimum salaries in all sectors

New rules and regulations enabling the increase of the minimum salary of private sector employees and the salaries of estate workers will be presented to Parliament shortly for legalization, Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara.

The pay hikes will be granted to be in line with the growing cost of living, he said.

“We shall take appropriate action to change or revise the laws and regulations existing for a long period for accommodating more job opportunities to suit the modern world as well as for broadening the scope of the jobs,” the Minister said.

Steps will be taken to avoid gender disparity in employment opportunities, he said.

Minister Nanayakkara said it was the working class which bore the brunt of the present economic crisis.

“In this context we at the Labour Ministry are going to impose a sustainable minimum salary and also increase the salaries of the private sector employees for which we have already started talks with the relevant agencies. At the same time heeding to the demand by estate workers for a supplementary pay hike, we have decided to offer them a convenient and convincing salary increment. We are in the forefront for protecting the rights of the private sector employees including estate workers at any time,” the Minister said. “We are duty bound and obliged to preserve the dignity of labour.”



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