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Three arrested for unruly behaviour at filling station


Three persons who acted aggressively at a petrol filling station on the Ja Ela–Ekala road attempting to take the firearm of one officer forcefully, were arrested by the Ja-Ela Police on Wednesday (22).

Police said that the three had interrupted the duty of the police officers and the Navy sailors who were deployed for the security of the filling station while the fuel was being provided for the consumers in the queue.

Police said the three who had come to get fuel acted in an unruly manner and attempted to grab the firearm of a Navy sailor. The suspects had attempted to pull the uniforms of the officers as well.

Police said that the incident was recorded on CCTV including the attempt to take the firearm forcefully. The suspects were residents of Ekala area and aged between 30 and 40 years.

The Police said minimum force was used to arrest the three.


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