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Bourse mainly driven by EXPO after dividend announcement

Colombo bourse gained 100 points in the mid-day mainly driven by EXPO after the dividend announcement yesterday.

Thus, The All-Share Price Index increased by 43.9 points (+0.6%) to close at 7,556.1 for the day whilst S&P SL20 Index also increased by 21.6 points (+0.9%) to close at 2,31.4. Expolanka Holdings, Browns Investments, Hatton National Bank, Royal Ceramics and Lanka IOC remained as the top positive contributors to the ASPI during the day.

Further, the broader market’s total turnover stood at Rs. 1,102.2 mn against the 12-month average daily turnover of Rs. 4,586.3 mn, whilst the volume traded for the day was 43,743.4k against the 12-month average daily volume of 221,866.9k. Banks, Materials and Transportation mostly contributed to yesterday’s turnover. The top turnover generators for yesterday were Expolanka Holdings Rs.386.5 mn (+7.8%), Hatton National Bank Rs.157.8 mn (+3.1%), Browns Investments Rs. 141.2 mn (5.0%), Royal Ceramics Rs. 93.9 mn (+3.3%) and Commercial

Bank Rs. 54.9 mn (-0.8%). Foreigners recorded a net outflow of Rs. 163.9 mn yesterday. Foreign purchases stood at Rs.7.5 mn whilst total foreign sales amounted to Rs. 171.4 mn. Top foreign buying counters EXPO LKR. 2.0 mn, RCL LKR. 1.8 mn, ACL LKR. 1.1 mn, VONE LKR. 0.2 mn, LFIN LKR. 0.2 mn and REG LKR. 0.2 mn whilst top foreign selling counters were

HNB LKR. (157.6) mn SPEN LKR. (4.8) mn, BIL LKR. (2.8) mn, CFLB LKR. (2.7) mn, AEL LKR. (0.8) mn and LIOC LKR. (0.7) mn. Further, off-board transactions were witnessed in Commercial Bank (Rs.49.0 mn) and Hatton National Bank (Rs.40.2 mn) yesterday.

Additionally, Industrial Asphalts, Blue Diamonds (Non-Voting), HNB Finance, Hatton National Bank and Malwatte Valley Plantations (Non-Voting) were the top price gainers yesterday whilst Hapugastenne Plantations, Kahawatte Plantations, The Autodrome, Malwatte Valley Plantations (Voting) and Lake House Printers were the top price losers. Further, Browns Investments, Royal Ceramics, LOLC Finance, Expolanka Holdings and SMB Leasing (Voting) were amongst the most actively traded stocks yesterday.

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