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PM berates Dayasiri over Gas purchase queries

Says activist Nagananda is a loose cannon

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe requested SLFP MP Dayasiri Jayasekara not to sling mud at him using a statement made by Nagananda Kodithuwakku on an alleged misconduct regarding purchasing of gas stocks.

Wickremesinghe made this statement when MP Dayasiri Jayasekara questioned the House on the matter for the second consecutive day.

Jayasekara requested the Prime Minister to make a clarification on an alleged deal where a metric tonne of gas had been purchased at US$ 129, whereas it was earlier bought at US$ 95. Jayasekara complained that Kodithuwakku is accusing all the 225 MPs for the said misdeed whereas they had nothing to do with this deal.

In reply, PM Wickremesinghe noted that the Litro Gas Lanka Limited has already made a statement on the matter and that it was telecast on media channels yesterday evening.

“You and I know very well what kind of a person Nagananda is. His name was cut off the roll.He was made to depart from practicing. If you are acting as a responsible parliamentarian, you should have looked into this matter before making allegations in the Chamber. You are quoting a person whose name has been cut off the roll. How many cases were filed against him. What happened to the money he collected in Canada saying that he is going to run for presidential election? Don’t make statements and try to sling mud against me.”

In reply MP Jayasekara said the restriction on Nagananda was only a suspension and that he is still practicing.

“I questioned this matter because it has stirred the public.There was no one to answer my questions yesterday. I don’t want to make misleading statements in the House,” Jayasekara said.

In reply PM Wickremesinghe said, “Nagananda comes to Court to represent himself. Any prisoner or anyone can represent himself before Court. However, he does not represent others. You are trying to use this statement against me.”


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