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Asia’s largest IT, HR development training provider :

Trainocate to fix digital skills gap in post-C-19 workplace

Trainocate, Asia’s largest IT and human capability development training provider in a bid to create demand for future ICT related employees will be commencing a mega train program in Sri Lanka targeting youth and corporates.

According to a recent World Economic Forum report, by 2022, close to 30% of new job opportunities globally will be in data, artificial intelligence (AI), engineering and cloud computing for future Digital Economy. More organisations across sectors are now required to have an online-offline presence and operations. Jobs have changed and new ones have emerged and replaced existing ones. In tandem with this, the required skills and competencies have also rapidly evolved.

“Many South Asian countries’ corporates as well as current employees and youth aspiring for employment are not reading this,” Trainocate, CEO of South East Asia New Markets and the UAE Zafarullah Hashim said.

“With a global presence in 15 countries, Trainocate SEANM, a pioneer in delivering cutting edge training and certifications which are industry recognized, will commence helping beginners and professionals to expedite their career advancement through our centers.” Trainocate SEANM also works with key government and private stakeholders to ensure that beginners and professionals have access to high quality and industry-specific training that meets the demands of different sectors of the economy for an innovative and productive workforce.

“With evolving consumer demands and disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we function as the bridge between vendors such as Microsoft, AWS, Google Cloud, and the partner, also the bridge between the partner and the customers,” added Hashim.

“Microsoft has been our main force, and we have been providing free fundamental training sessions, as we believe that primary knowledge is key in building the country’s digital transformation journey. Our business operation is carried out between business to business, business to government and business to customers as well.”

Digital skills are increasingly transferable across different sectors, as more enterprises embark on digital transformation and technology adoption.

Traincoate SEANM is rapidly reaching new heights by helping out organizations going through a tough time and are in the transitioning period towards technology. Trainocate SEANM delivers well-informed and stable individuals who can provide their expertise towards the rise of these businesses. “We have trained many blue-chip companies, along with their partners. Our goal is to develop individuals in tools that are already available that they don’t know how to use,” Zafarullah added. “Trainocate SEANM offers a range of resources, tools, certification and training programmes and initiatives to help individuals and organizations identify and acquire the necessary skills to facilitate employment, improve job performance and adapt to job content changes. We are not just a training company, but rather, a guidance company. We have been doing this for 25 plus years and have assessment tools that help us analyse and identify any skill gaps within organizations. We can use this to help the organizations’ HR and L&D teams streamline their training methods, as we can help identify these gaps and guide them. Overall, we are helping organizations think differently, plan strategically, save money and get the best out of technology. That is our secret to success,” Zafarulla said.

More details on Traincoate new innovations in IT and training is available at: Trainocate SEANM, Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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