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With number of Dengue cases on the rise

Stern action under Penal Code against people maintaing dengue breeding places

With health authorities claiming that dengue is escalating to an epidemic stage in the country the Police yesterday said it will increase the number of raids and take legal action under the Penal Code against those who maintain possible dengue breeding places, Police Media Spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa said.

He said the Environment Protection Unit of the Sri Lanka Police together with the health authorities inspect premises these days and take legal action against their owners if possible dengue breeding places are found.

“The number of dengue cases reported have increased at present due to the rainy conditions in the country,” he said.

According to him, Police have inspected 36,959 institutional premises, 15,268 construction sites and 316,858 domestic premises so far this year and of them 20,741 places were identified as possible to breed.

“Out of the possible places, dengue mosquito larvae were observed in 8,609 places and it is the highest number reported so far when compared to previous years,” he added.

“Following the raids, Police have filed 1,615 cases against owners of the identified premises,” he added.

The total number of dengue patients reported this year is 20,207 and of them, 6,483 were reported in May. Twenty four deaths have also been reported so far this year,” Police said.

“Forty-six per cent of the patients have been identified in the Western Province,” the SSP said.

“Police are conducting constant awareness programs and campaigns to inform the public of the dengue menace and the Environment Protection Unit has conducted nearly 50,000 such events so far,” SSP Thalduwa further said.

Meanwhile, the Director of the National Dengue Prevention Unit, Dr. Sudath Samaraweera said that dengue could escalate towards an intense epidemic situation in the coming weeks yesterday.

He said that dengue intensive epidemic situations are reported in the country once in every five years and the last time that this happened was in 2017.

“A total of 30,730 dengue patients have been reported in the country so far this year and 51 per cent of them are from the Western Province,” he added.

“Over 6,500 patients have been reported within the first 20 days of this month alone,” he pointed out.

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