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Most provincial schools open

It has been reported that classes in certain schools situated even in urban areas are being held as usual despite the Education Ministry’s decision to close schools due to the prevailing fuel crisis.

The Education Ministry decided on Friday to close all schools in the urban areas for a week from yesterday owing to the fuel shortage.

However, classes at certain urban schools are being conducted as usual in several parts of the country, including the Eastern, Northern and Sabaragamuwa Provinces.

Accordingly, despite the fuel shortage, classes at most schools in the Eastern Province were conducted as usual.

Eastern Provincial Education Director Pullanayagam informed the Zomel Education Directors in 17 Zones through Zoom technology at Sunday’s evening to take measures to conduct all schools in the province during this week as usual. Accordingly, all schools in Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Ampara were held as usual. Besides, all schools in 5 Education Zones in the Batticaloa district were held as usual.

Meanwhile, sources revealed that certain urban schools including National schools in the Northern Province and the Sabaragamuwa conducted classes as usual.

It is significant that students’ turnout was at a satisfactory level even during the fuel crisis. Sabaragamuwa Provincial Education Department sources said that classes at almost all rural and urban schools were held as usual. Meanwhile, our provincial correspondents in the Northern Province revealed that most of the schools in the province were held as usual.

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