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Public urged to co-operate with police at queues

Police Media Spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa yesterday requested the public to co-operate with the police deployed at fuel stations as they have been deployed for the protection of the public.

He said police personnel are deployed for duty at petrol stations and gas distribution points during long queues to obtain fuel.

However, when fuel is over at fuel stations sometimes people get violent and even assault the police on duty when they try to intervene and bring the situation under control. As a result, many police officers have sustained injuries. However, the police have been advised to remain calm and be very patient during such incidents.

However, during the recent days, several incidents were reported where the police had been deployed for duty at fuel stations.

SSP Nihal Thalduwa appealed to the public not to harass or attack police officers at these fuel stations as they have been deployed for the protection of the public and they are there to serve the public. He appealed to the public to keep in mind that even these police officers face the same issues that the public is facing.

“They are there to serve you. Moreover, there were several incidents where the public had got violent when the police vehicles were getting their fuel at filling stations. But the public must remember that the police is an essential service and in order to respond to the numerous instances where the police is called and their services are required by the public. Hence, the police vehicles must receive fuel in order to be able to respond to the public calls. Moreover, the police are not obtaining fuel stocks that are meant for the public, the police are allocated a separate quota of fuel for their vehicles and just because they obtain fuel, that does not mean that they are obtaining the fuel that is meant for the public,” SSP Thalduwa explained.

Therefore, he urged the public not to disrupt and prevent the police from obtaining fuel as it will eventually result in the police being unable to respond to the calls of the public if they require it.

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