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Kerosene hoarder arrested

Police have found two cans containing 24 litres of kerosene hidden in a house belonging to the manager of a petrol station in Talawakele.

Officers of the Anti-Corruption Unit of the Nuwara Eliya Divisional Crime Investigation Division had received information that kerosene was being sold at a higher price at the house of the relevant manager.Police raided the house using an undercover detective and found 24 litres of kerosene hidden in the house.

The father of the manager of a petrol station has been arrested by the Police on suspicion of selling at a high price while hoarding kerosene in the house.

Meanwhile, the manager and an employee of a petrol station belonging to the Maskeliya Multipurpose Co-operative Society in Maskeliya town were arrested by a group of police officers on a tip off that they were filling petrol into cans.

The Maskeliya OIC has released the manager and employee of the petrol station, warning them not to do this again.

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