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Abans’ LG refrigerators raises bar on innovation

Energy efficiency has become one of those key purchasing factors in relation to home appliances, especially with power cuts and Abans’ line-up of LG appliances uses cutting-edge technology ensuring market leading energy efficiency.

True to its trademark, the InstaView feature is the strong suit of the GS-X6172NSInstaView Door-In-Door side-by-side refrigerator. The interior of the refrigerator lights up when knocked on and this allows one to get a glimpse inside the refrigerator with just two knocks on the glass panel. Its Inverter Linear Compressor ensures market leading efficiency by using fewer components than conventional compressors.

With less friction points, LG refrigerators are not only virtually noiseless, but are also highly energy efficient. It also helps keep food at the peak of freshness.

A salient feature in the GS-B6432WB Side-by-side refrigerator with Smart Inverter Compressor is the multi air flow that facilitates uniform optimal temperatures. What sets the LG GS-L6172PZ side-by-side refrigerator with the Smart Inverter Compressor apart from its counterparts, as the name suggests, is its compressor. The cutting-edge technology takes energy conservation to a whole new level.

The durable Linear and Smart Inverter Compressors of all three models conserve up to 42% of energy and are backed by a 10-year iron-clad warranty.

All three of these models come with Linear Cooling which reduces temperature fluctuations, locking in the flavour and freshness for up to seven days. Their Door Cooling technology evenly cools for colder drinks and fresher food. The humidity can be optimised to level up the freshness with the Freshness Balancer, keeping fruits and vegetables fresher longer.

UV Nano technology sanitises the water dispenser nozzle automatically, using UV light, to eliminate 99.99 percent of bacteria while hygiene Fresh technology deodorises and minimises bacteria.

Equipped with LG ThinQ technology, LG refrigerators allow its owner to connect and control certain features with the help of a smartphone. The ThinQ app allows the user to check on the appliance, monitor energy usage, conduct diagnostics and even operate the appliance, whether at home or on the go. What’s most interesting is that the app allows a single user to operate multiple appliances, from refrigerators to washing machines.

The increased interior capacity of the aforementioned models allows for the storage of more food and beverages, without crowding the rest of the kitchen. The InstaView Door-In-Door side-by-side refrigerator and other Side-by-side refrigerators, come with an ultra-sleek door and metallic finish that adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen. LG refrigerators are the epitome of premium design, from the inside out.

These modes and more can be seen at any Abans showroom or Buyabans.com.

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