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Hayleys Solar launches off-grid/hybrid solar PV system

Hayleys Solar, the renewable energy arm of Hayleys Fentons, recently launched “Energynet”, an off-grid/hybrid solar PV system with battery backup, to effectively combat the prevailing power outages experienced in Sri Lanka.

A key disadvantage of on-grid solar solutions is that the solar system automatically switches off when there is a power cut, wasting solar energy that could be generated during the day. The Energynet solution mitigates this drawback by enabling solar energy to be utilised even during a power outage. Due to the energy stored in the battery, this gives a solution for night-time power cuts as well.

Solar power generated via this solution during the day can be stored and utilised regardless of the availability of power from the main grid and ensures access to uninterrupted power at all times. The solar PV system will also charge the batteries during the daytime and discharge them when there is a power outage. Energynet can consistently power critical loads, such as lights, refrigerators, fans, televisions, and laptops. If the customer desires, the scalability of the system allows it to be customised to power higher loads such as air conditioners and pumps.

In addition to reducing the electricity bill, Energynet is a noise-free, eco-friendly solution which does not require any fuel or gas and eliminates operational costs and the hassle of waiting in unending queues. Energynet eliminates the hazard of storing fuel in canisters for backup generators.

The inverters of the Energynet Solution range between 0.5kW to 5kW single-phase units which can operate with one of three sources; the solar PV array, the battery, and the grid. The Energynet battery system (LiFePO4) ranges from 1.2kWh to 10.24kWh with battery cells from BYD/CATL, the leading battery manufacturer based in China. The batteries have a life span of over 3,000 cycles which translates to approximately 8 years if discharged once a day, and 4 years if discharged twice a day.

To support customers during these challenging times, Hayleys Solar has partnered with leading banking and financial institutions for zero per cent interest easy payment and credit card schemes ranging from 12 to 60 months.

Customers with pre-existing solar panels simply have to connect the Energynet solution (inverter and battery only) to existing panels and charge it directly from the grid. Customers who are new to solar energy can choose to install solar panels along with the Energynet solution or use Energynet as a stand-alone solution (without solar panels) as it can be charged via the grid. The aforementioned flexibility makes Energynet a viable solution for apartment dwellers as well.

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