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Senura Silva hopes to win a gold at South Asian Games

 Senura Silva in action
Senura Silva in action

Senura Silva the 16-year-old National TT champion from Ananda College is performing well these days in USA during his training period. As soon as he finished the O/L exam Senura went to USA for higher training which is coordinated by former National TT champion Thilina Piyadasa who is presently based in California with his family doing TT coaching as well. Senura is training at Samson Dubina Educational TT Academy under chief coach Samson Dubina.

The Samson Dubina TT Academy is dedicated to bringing the Olympic sport TT to a new level in Ohio through professional coaching, elite tournaments with world-class equipment, and promoting sportsmanship on and off the court. This is Samson Dubina TT Academy's main objective and this type of Club is ideal for young Senura said Thilina Piyadasa.

Coach Samson Dubina has been the 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 USATT Technology Coach of the Year and was also a 2016 US National Team Coach and has most recently been named as Technology Coach of the Year by the United States Olympic Committee. When you train under a well-qualified coach the player can build up skills to go forward and Senura has a lot of potential at this stage added Thilini Piyadasa who is a qualified TT coach working for USA TT junior teams.

At the moment Senura is playing Paddle Place Ohio League tournament matches and his playing style and technique are highly appreciated by coaches and this type of training is very important for Senura said his mother Deepika Rodrigo the former National champion. Both Deepika Rodrigo and her husband Indika Prasad were playing together.

Senura is following in their footsteps and his talent at this stage is quite high. Senura has a dream to win the South Asian Gold medal as well as to take part in Olympics. Sri Lankan paddlers have not taken part in the Olympics and Senura could be the first player.

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