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Additional Police teams to control long petrol queues

There were long queues at several petrol stations islandwide yesterday (17) and additional Police teams had to be deployed to control them due to unrest at some petrol stations.

A bowser filled with diesel and petrol arrived at the Morawaka petrol station in the Kottawa

Police Division at around 5 a.m. yesterday, when only diesel was to be delivered to that petrol station.

It had about 6600 litres of diesel in it. The petrol was to be unloaded at a petrol station in Piliyandala.

People queuing for petrol from the previous day had become restless and started protesting, demanding that the stock of petrol be unloaded at the petrol station and surrounded the bowser preventing it from leaving.

As the Police officers deployed for security at the fuel station were unable to handle the situation by themselves, they had notified the Kottawa OIC who had sent a team of Police officers. They had eventually managed to calm the protesters and allow the bowser to proceed to its destination.

A similar incident had taken place two days ago at a petrol station near the Naga Vihara in Kotte. The petrol station continued to receive only diesel. As a result, about a thousand people who were waiting in line to get petrol for motorbikes and three-wheelers started protesting and getting violent, obstructing the entry of the diesel bowser that arrived at the petrol station two days ago. However, when the bowser had tried to leave after unloading the diesel stock, the protesters had obstructed its path and not allowed the bowser to leave. Police officers from the Mirihana Police had intervened and paved the way for the bowser to leave. However, the protesting crowds had then started behaving disruptively and did not allow the diesel to be distributed.

According to a senior Police officer from the Mirihana Police, the Police had taken steps to speak to the Petroleum Corporation officials and have a bowser of petrol sent to the station to avert a clash between the people waiting in line for petrol and those waiting in line for diesel.


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