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CAA watching over rice hoarders

Consumers urged not to buy, store in excess:
Enough rice stocks in the country:
91 raids to detect rice hoarding countrywide:

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) urges the public to refrain from buying and storing paddy or rice unnecessarily. This will help to put an end to the rice mafia, the CAA said.

The Consumer Affairs Authority assured there is enough rice in the country and that the mill owners are trying to hide the rice due to the rice price control gazette. To prevent this, the Consumer Affairs Authority has been conducting raids countrywide and enforcing the law against all traders who sell and hide rice illegally, an official said.

The CAA points out that if people unnecessarily store rice it will allow the rice mafia to thrive and on the other hand the poor will face an artificial shortage of rice.

The Authority recalled that when such a price control was gazetted last year, there was an artificial shortage of rice and as soon as the regulations were lifted, ample stocks could be seen in the market.

The Authority says that the rice mafia is working to create such a situation this time as well and is planning to increase the price of a kilogramme of rice by spreading various false propaganda.

The imported rice is currently available in the market and plans are afoot to import rice from China, India and Bangladesh in the future and that stock will be made available to the public through the CWE in the future, the Authority said.

The Consumer Affairs Authority further stated that there will be no shortage of rice under such circumstances and the needs of the rice mafia will not be allowed to be met.

Meanwhile the CAA conducted 91 raids to detect rice hoarding countrywide during the past 48 hours.

They also detected 47 instances of traders not displaying prices while selling rice in the retail market.

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