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Thera falls victim to trap gun

Pansiyagama Police said that a 31-year-old Buddhist monk attached to the Na Uyana Forest Monastery passed away after being a victim of a trap gun. The remains of the Thera was found by another Wanawasi Thera, on the morning of June 12.

The Police revealed that the deceased monk was identified as Ven. Udugama Padmawwansa Thera and he was found dead near a stream in the Keerawella Hinna Forest Reserve. The Thera had been meditating in a kuti (room) in the mountainous reserve. The Theras meditating in the kutis in the same area had seen the deceased Thera for the last time on June 10.

The Theras are in the practice of visiting the village houses a few miles away and on their way back some of them partake of a meal at special places that have been prepared for it near streams. The deceased Thera seems to have collected water for consumption from the stream when he was shot by the trap gun. Police are conducting further investigations.

The Thera was identified as Sampath Gunaratne when he was a layman in Udagama, Rambukkana. He was a graduate from the Colombo Visual and Performing Arts University and was an actor who had won national awards. He was ordained a monk in 2019.

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