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Renewable energy project to Adani Group:

COPE not informed of withdrawal of Ferdinando’s statement

The COPE has not yet been informed in writing that former CEB chairman M.M.C. Ferdinando has withdrawn his statements made at the COPE, said its Chairman, MP Charitha Herath.

He said the committee would meet and take a decision after receiving the relevant notification in writing.

When the COPE summoned CEB officials on June 10 and questioned them regarding the Government’s decision to award the Mannar Wind Power Project to the Adani Group of India, the then CEB Chairman claimed that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had told him to award the project to the Adani Group as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was pressuring the President.

President Rajapaksa categorically rejected the allegation on Sunday. Meanwhile the then CEB Chairman made an unconditional apology and said he had made an erroneous statement as he was under mental stress. Ferdinando said he will withdraw his statement to the COPE.

In a statement on Sunday, Ferdinando said: “In regard to the clarification made by me at the COPE meeting held on June 10 in replying to the allegation made against me on the proposed Mannar and Pooneryn Wind and Solar Power Projects with AGEL to generate renewable energy of 500 MW, I explained the circumstances behind the issuance of my letter dated November 25, 2021.”

“During this discussion I became so emotional due to pressures and unreasonable allegations levelled against me to issue this official letter of request. Therefore, due to unexpected pressure and emotions I was compelled without limitation to express the words “India agamathi balakarana bawa kiwwa” (stressed by the Indian Prime Minister) which is totally incorrect. Hence I wish to withdraw the relevant statement and record my apology unconditionally,” Ferdinando said.


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