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“ Azhagai Oru Matram”

“ Azhagai Oru Matram” is a Romantic album song that composed and produced by Sanjit Lucksman.

And also sung by Nirushka Paaiva and Sanjit Lucksman. Featuring Sricharan Kasthurirangan, who had  sung popular rap portions in films such as "Chennai Express", "Ko" and many rap hits of Harris Jeyaraj & Vijay Anthony's compositions. Then penned by Satheeskanth thambiretnam Who has written Lyrics of Million Hit Songs “ Uyirpoo “ and “ Nijamthana ". And also starring romantic couple Thigu and Amal in lead. Moreover, the song has Choreographed by Naresh Nagendran and

Cinematography Ratheyan .GR and MUA by Tilise Samarasekara and with more technicians. Especially in this song, every artists have done their works innovatively and beautifully. There is nothing better than

make a good song in this time when the whole world is in restlessness.

This song is a picturization of the newlyweds couple is something of a travelogue around the beautiful place with dance interludes, mainly set to the theme of " The honeymoon song". It's purely love & happiness and also it's reflect like a love dream about loved one. After a magical day filled with loved one's. It's perfectly acceptable to be completely exhausted the day after the big day. This is definitely the most obvious, but so important & take time to reflect on how amazing the spending days of the

couple. It'll get you two even more excited about upcoming adventure. Specifically this album song reflects that every couple will have their own version of what relaxation means to them. And I hope you can get that feeling of excitement back & you almost feel like you're high on love and its feel magical and also every body seems perfect.

The Romantic genre song scores well on music and such romanticism emotion and connection between to the song.

Vocally they have a booming voice and bags of character in their tones. Great power and control are all there!

They conveyed the emotion within the lyrics well.

As a conclusion, great musicianship and they played with confidence. And also great passion and talent throughout in this album song.


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