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The Winning Mindset for Leadership:

Every Citizen Can Be a Leader to Win Our Country

Children’s education affected; earlier the Covid pandemic and now economic downturn.
Children’s education affected; earlier the Covid pandemic and now economic downturn.

At the moment, most of the people in Sri Lanka are in a defeatist mindset and are struggling due to the current failures in the country. The citizens do not know what to do, and they just wait with lots of uncertainties and doubts. Some action seems to be in place, but it is sufficient neither to solve the problem nor to give confidence to people. The majority of the people, including most of the politicians, just play the blame game without taking any solid actions to help the country and its people. Everyone is talking about the problem, but only a few are trying to solve it. The need of the hour, however, is to assist people with their basic needs and to replace their defeatist mindset with a winning mindset. It must be equipped with both short-term and long-term strategies. One of the important strategies is increasing exports rather than imports to save dollars, which can be planned for the short term as well as the long term. Another important strategy is the education strategy, where radical improvements should be introduced, not only focusing on knowledge but also attitudes and skills sets. In doing so, every citizen in the country should be empowered to become a leader to solve the problem rather than just waiting with the assumption that politicians will solve it (or the next government will solve it), which is never going to happen and it is not possible only by the politicians. I am going to briefly explain how each one of us can have a winning mindset and a leadership role to help out our country at this crucial moment.

Policy Makers and Regulatory Bodies

Policymakers and regulatory bodies must be prompt in adjusting the policies to help the country solve the problems at hand. They have to think practically and outside the box, using the brains of people who can add value. Their policies must align with the need to bring in more dollars and reduce the demand for dollars.

Government Officers, Administrators, and Government Employees

Government officers should take the leadership role to inspire results from their teams. They must eliminate bureaucracy, add value and help increase productive output. Some of them can take the opportunity of working overseas for five years.

General Public

The general public mostly think they do not have a role to play. However, they too have a massive role to play. They should try to help the dollars be saved. If you minimize 25% of your electricity consumption, you will not only help your pocket but also reduce the dollar demand for imported fuel. Similarly, you can walk (when it comes to short distances), shift to public transport, or optimize your travel, which will surely help our country to save dollars. To secure your food and help the country, you can try to plant at least some vegetables and fruits in your home garden and on underutilized land.


The media must play an active role in inspiring people to have a winning mindset by publishing even little efforts towards the progression and solving the problems in the country such that others get the motivation. They should collectively decide to refrain from popularizing negative news unnecessarily.

Professionals and entrepreneurs

Professionals should try to help the country by doing their job effectively as well as influencing the right decision-making and policy-making. Furthermore, they play a role in bringing dollars. They can do assignments virtually and take overseas job opportunities. In addition, these professionals can take a leading role in adding value and improving productivity in their respective areas. Engineers can play an active role in innovating and approving new products and projects to solve engineering-related issues such as the energy crisis as well as produce value-added products and services for local and global markets. IT professionals can have an active role in bringing more software development projects to fruition. Accounting and legal professionals can play a role in having a good legal and compliance system. Medical doctors can work together with indigenous medical doctors to help people during the drug shortage. Entrepreneurs should look for export opportunities with value-added products and services.

The Religious Leaders

Religious leaders must play an active role in easing the difficulties of people. They can take leadership at the village level to activate projects to help people rather than expect the people to help temples and churches.


Even though there is a fertilizer problem, professional farmers must try to cultivate as much as possible. This is their time to help our country. For the time being, everyone in the country can become a farmer.


Despite the problems, the industry needs lots of agility in adjusting to this difficult environment. They must use all of their brainpower and resources to secure overseas orders and produce for the domestic market. They should try to increase exports where possible, and they should find strategies to minimize imports of the raw materials. Every business organisation should diversify to bring in dollars and look for opportunities around the world.

Universities and the Academic Community

They can focus on expanding their courses to include regional and global students. They can promote online education in the region. They must ensure the syllabuses and degrees are aligned to the needs of the country. There must be a system to stop the outflow of education funds by establishing some world ranked universities in the country. Research must be focused on helping the country rather than going after global publication opportunities.

Schools and Teachers

They must focus on giving a good education to students so that they do not need to pay any external tuition. It provides support to parents. It will help reduce fuel for transport, thereby saving dollars. Schools must start teaching about entrepreneurship, financial literacy, the importance of export-oriented mindset and skills development, together with positive and can-do attitude building.

University students and others pursuing professional and technical education

They should try to apply what they know to bring in dollars. For example, they can do tuition online for other continents. They can develop IT-related services to bring in foreign income.


Youth who are not following a degree or any other professional education should start learning IT or any technical subject such as masonry, carpentry, welding, plumbing, cookery, etc. with the target of getting a good certification accepted in the global market place. They have to stop wasting their time by being three-wheeler drivers and being addicted to social media.

Members of Parliament and the Cabinet

As leaders, they must make the right and timely decisions. They must be genuine enough to work together as one team to get back to the country. They have to forget the party politics to help the country. The politicians in Parliament must understand that this is the time to help the country not by mere taking but by being active supporters of making the right decisions and policies. They must know that the country must be safeguarded for them to do politics one day. They must realize that the public is aware of what they are doing. They must now understand that the people are eagerly waiting to see what action the politicians and Parliament will take to help the country. People do not believe the words of politicians but expect actions instead. To help the country, each and every Parliamentarian should be given six-month targets in line with the country's needs to achieve.

The writer is an Expert Trainer and Coach on Mindset Mastery, Motivation, Management, Leadership and Organisational Transformation. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Project Management Professional as well as a Senior Lecturer attached to the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Moratuwa.


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