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Snake bite victim dies due to lack of medicine

An unfortunate incident was reported in the Kalathewa area in Anuradhapura recently where a 16-year-old schoolboy died due to the lack of life saving medicine after being bitten by a snake.

He had been bitten by a snake when he went to pick up a ball that had fallen into a garden near his house while playing cricket in his backyard.

The father of the student said that he was asked by the hospital staff to bring a certain medicine as the hospital did not have it in their stock.

However, the father said his attempts to find the medicine from a private pharmacy had also failed as none of the pharmacies had the medicine prescribed by the doctors.

The deceased has been identified as a resident of Mihindu Mawatha, Kalattewa, who was studying in Grade 11 at Anuradhapura Central College. The student died after being admitted to the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital.

He is the only boy in the family and the father is a retired Principal and the mother is a teacher. Although the staff of the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital worked hard to keep the boy alive from the time he was admitted to the hospital, the father of the boy said that he had died due to the lack of essential medicine in the hospital and private pharmacies.

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