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Baseless allegations says Excise Chief

Excise Department Director General M.J.Gunasiri said the allegations levelled by Sri Lanka Liquor Licencees Association, that some Excise officers were helping liquor producers to evade taxes were completely false.

Gunasiri said the Department earns around Rs.500 to 800 million through taxes daily and there were 23 companies which produce liquor. He said out of these 93 percent of taxes are recovered from seven companies and the rest pay only 7 percent.

He said regulating the work of the large scale liquor producers and small scale producers were happening satisfactorily.

He said the Excise Department introduced a compulsory sticker on all liquor products recently to ensure quality and security and some people were trying to scuttle this for petty gain.

Gunasiri said the Department will soon introduce an App for consumers to easily identify the quality and other necessary details about the products they buy.

Gunasiri also said if anyone can come up with credible information regarding wrongdoings at the Excise Department he will not shy away from investigating them.

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