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Until country’s fuel crisis ends

Quota system for fuel from July - Minister

Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekara said he will introduce a weekly quota system for fuel from the first week of July until the country’s fuel crisis is brought to an end.

He tweeted yesterday: “We have no choice but to register consumers at filling stations and give them a guaranteed weekly quota until we are able to strengthen the financial situation, restore 24 Hour Power and a steady Supply of fuel. I hope to have this system in place by the first week of July.

The minister further said that until the country has uninterrupted power supply and steady fuel supply, fuel line management will be impossible. “With the financial restrictions, the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) imports fuel to manage for a week but some consumers collect fuel for a month or more for their machinery and generators,” he said.

“24 Hour Power Supply costs an additional US$ 100 million monthly for Diesel, Furnace Oil and Naphtha. Shortage in Gas supply has increased the demand for electricity and kerosene.

The monthly fuel bill that was US$ 200 Million four months ago is at US$ 550 Million currently”, he further said.

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