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Anuradhapura farmers demand chemical fertilizer to save Yala crops

The majority of farmers are disappointed over the acute shortage of chemical fertilizer, especially urea, to begin the delayed 2022 Yala cultivation.

The Anuradhapura district Consolidated Farmer Organizations Federation has urgently requested the Anuradhapura Government Agent, Deputy Commissioner of Agrarian Development and the Anuradhapura district Fertilizer Secretariat that they immediately need seed paddy chemical fertilizer and agro chemicals for survival of the 2022 Yala cultivation, especially paddy, green gram, maize and cowpea.

According to the district Agrarian Development personnel, out of 91,500 hectares to be cultivated with paddy in the district, in the current Yala season not even a half of it has been realized, due to the shortage of chemical fertilizer.

The farmers have refused to use compost being supplied owing to the lessons learnt in the 2021/22 Maha season and non-availability of any reliable brand of organic fertilizer. The farmers, while demanding the fertilizer, have vehemently opposed the move by the Irrigation and Agrarian Development Departments to release water along transmission and distribution canals of a large number of major and medium-scale under the prevailing circumstances.

The farmer organizations have told the authorities that if they have to wait further it would be a futile effort to engage in 2022 Yala cultivation since the seasonal cultivation period is nearly over.

They say if they sowed crops now, they would most probably get destroyed by the monsoon rains starting in mid September.

“The suspension of the ongoing Yala cultivation will result in food scarcity and negatively affect farmers livelihoods,” the Anuradhapura district Consolidated Farmer Organizations Federation has submitted to the authorities.

The Anuradhapura Government Agent has assured farmer organizations that adequate stocks of urea and other chemical fertilizer would arrive in the district shortly and all arrangements have been made to start the distribution of fertilizer through the Agrarian Development centres and authorized dealers most probably at Rs. 10,000 per bag of fertilizer.

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