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'Ape Miss' to conduct islandwide awareness campaign

Veteran author on nutrition among pregnant and lactating mothers and expert in midwifery Shymali Pathirage yesterday said that she has planned a unique programme for the uplift of nutritional and mental health standards of mothers and newborn babies through Ape Miss .

Pathirage has conducted a number of health education programmes for pregnant and lactating mothers throughout the country.

She started her career as a midwife attached to the Health Ministry and has succeeded in helping thousands of Sri Lankans living here and overseas via an online clinic concept during the height of COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Cinnamon Lake on Friday, Pathirage said she has planned a comprehensive awareness campaign around the country to uplift the nutrition standards of mothers and children.

“Everyone is concerned about nutrition among children and mothers during these difficult times in the country.

We have decided to intensify its awareness drive on nutrition,” she said.

We are taking steps to address malnutrition among children and do all we can to help pregnant mothers. “Those who wish to obtain advice and assistance in this regard can reach us on 0776066777, 0777070348.

Pathirage who won the WHO’s Humanitarian Excellence Awards for 2021 for Human Rights said her organisation has focused on pregnancy, health of new born, and all matters related to health through her YouTube channel “Ape Miss”.

“Thousands of mothers living in the country and overseas reached Ape Miss YouTube channel during the height of COVID-19 as travel restrictions were in place in many countries,” she said.

Pathirage, the winner of volunteer Society Leader National Awards from the UNFPA in 2013 has authored a number of books on nutrition among pregnant mothers.

“I have authored many publications on Mother Care and Baby Care. The Vidyawaraya magazine became very popular among the family health service.

She is presently planning to venture into the production of documentary series aiming at the mental well being of children.

Veteran artiste Lakruwan Withana who is a Director of this programme said he intends to introduce a series of short films on child mental health.

This programme will become popular in foreign countries as it can be created in several languages. To make this project a success, I invite those who love children internationally to contact us through our direct numbers and contribute towards this programme

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