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Nine-year-old girl abducted on way to school

Minuwangoda Police yesterday said that a nine-year-old girl from Kotugoda who was going to school accompanied by her grandfather on a motorbike was kidnapped.

Police investigations have revealed that the Grade four student of Yahogamulla Primary School had been abducted at around 7.10 a.m. on Tuesday. "The girl's mother is an Indian national. The child in question was living with her grandparents," Police said

When the child was going to school with her grandfather on a motorbike, a group of people came in a car stopped the motorcycle, threatened her grandfather with a knife and abducted her.

Police said that they have received information that her mother had also gotten out of the car and dragged her into the car.

Minuwangoda Police on Wednesday sought a Court Order preventing her mother from leaving the country. Police also requested the Court to issue an order to a telecommunication company to provide them with call details pertaining to the mother's mobile phone number.

The Court ordered the Police to report the progress of the investigation.

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