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Hajj pilgrims allowed this year

The Government has agreed to allow Hajj pilgrims despite the current economic crisis sequel to representations made to Religious and Cultural Affairs Minister Vidura Wickremanayake on Tuesday.

Environment Minister Naseer Ahmed met Minister Wickremanayake on Tuesday with the Hajj Travel Operator’s Association.

This year, 1,585 Sri Lankans were expected to perform Hajj after Saudi Arabia announced last month that it would allow one million foreign and domestic Muslims to travel to the Holy City of Makkah in the pilgrimage season.

Minister Wickremanayake said Muslims in Sri Lanka performed their annual pilgrimage every year without any interruptions except for last two years because of the pandemic.

Considering the present economic crisis travel operators decided to call it off this year in support of the government to save foreign exchange. However, responding to a representations made by Minister Ahamed, his ministry has decided to fulfill the quota of pilgrims by requesting them to pay for their Hajj package in foreign currencies which will not affect our national economy.

The minister said he had requested the Central Bank to work out the modalities of working out this pilgrimage and they would help them find passage to and from Makkah this year.


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