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Desist from blackout, PM warns trade unions

Says he can’t push economy forward

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday warned trade unions to desist from a blackout in the country because he could not guarantee the economy could be pushed how much he attempted, said in Parliament yesterday. He said that he would attempt hard to push the economy forward.

He added that the unions could resume walks, hold placards and whatever they wish but they should not do a blackout.

The Premier made this observation after commending the stance taken by SJB Parliamentarian Patali Champika Ranawaka in respect of his responsibility as an Opposition Parliamentarian and revealed it after being an independent MP in the Opposition side.

The Premier said that the entire Parliament can work together to find a solution for the economic crisis as one institution. Thereafter all can resume to realize their objectives.

He said further that he spoke of the economic situation in the country on Tuesday and then Chief Opposition Whip asked for the means to find money. He added that he responded to him as well. He also added that he held a discussion on Tuesday evening with the Managing Director of the IMF and he also raised the same demand from the IMF. “I said that we are to implement certain programs and we need money without delay,” Premier said. “She responded to assist to expedite this process and to provide bridging finance. For that they also need the debt restructuring plan.”

He said as the matter is a bit unfamiliar, the government got two consultants to speed up. Focus is drawn especially to the private creditors who have taken the ISBs.

The Premier said that he would try his best to push the economy forward and ensure to get the finance in September the latest. “:So we have to work hard and we have to think anew,” Premier Wickremesinghe said. “Or else we cannot get out of this mess.”

He said that today we have no fuel, nor coal. He added no country would give us money for them though they give us money for fertilizer, food or medicine. He added that only India gives us money for fuel and it is through a credit line. He added that the same money is running short and the government is discussing increasing the credit line margin.


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