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Certain CEB officers want to keep country in darkness - Minister

Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekara said that certain officers of the Ceylon Electricity Board are attempting to keep the country in darkness by preventing the renewable energy projects being implemented. He warned that unless a decision is taken regarding a proper plan on renewable energy, the public will once again attack the houses of the Ministers and Members of Parliament.

The Minister said that he had received a proposal from the CEB to increase the electricity tariff by 300 percent. He said that they are attempting to block the implementation of the renewable energy projects and wanting to burden the public with additional taxes and fulfill their intensions.

The Minister said although multiple governments have attempted to push the projects through, certain unions are sabotaging such moves. He said certain senior engineers are vehemently opposed to the proposals to initiate renewable power generation projects. However, he was adamant that he is not prepared to bring such proposals that burden the public to the Cabinet for approval.

Minister Wijesekara said this in response to a question posed by MP Athuraliye Rathana Thera under Standing Orders 27 (2).

Wijesekara said that every CEB officer gets a 25% increase to his salary every three years and questioned whether it was fair to burden the public over their salary increments.

The Minister said that the Renewable Energy Bill would be introduced in Parliament yesterday and if there was anyone who did not like it, they could oppose it.

He further said that it is only several Unions that are opposed to the Renewable Energy Bill.

The Power Minister said through such Renewable Energy projects, Sri Lanka can be self-sufficient and by connecting the grid to India, the CEB will be able to export electricity. The Minister said he is determined to initiate the projects despite opposition by a small group of officials with vested interests.


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