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Circular on Expatriation of Public Servants to be issued soon

Co-Cabinet Spokesman Labuor and External Affairs Minister Manusha Nanayakkara on Tuesday (7) said that the Circular regarding the Expatriation of Public Servants will be issued as soon as possible.

The Minister said that this matter was discussed at length at the Cabinet meeting held yesterday. The Minister said that the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Administration are in the process of formulating the necessary regulations to issue a circular stating that when public servants go abroad for employment, it does not affect their pensions and seniority.

The Government is taking steps to provide foreign employment opportunities to public servants under an accelerated programme to find solutions to the crisis in the country by increasing remittances from migrant workers.

Minister Nanayakkara stated that the Cabinet has approved amendments to several sections of the Industrial Disputes Act No. 43 of 1950.

Although non-legal representatives have recently been given the opportunity to appear before Labuor tribunals, various issues have arisen in this regard. The Minister has submitted this Cabinet Memorandum yesterday with the intention of preventing this situation.

Trade union representatives and non-legal representatives have been given the opportunity to represent their parties before Labuor Tribunals on an equal footing with lawyers since the establishment of the Labuor Tribunal.



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