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Prelate’s edict: Monks to lead cultivation war from Homagama

Ven. Professor  Magammana  Pagnananda Thera
Ven. Professor Magammana Pagnananda Thera

Ven. Magammana Pagnananda Thera, Senior Professor at the Sri Jayawardhanapura University said there are plans to launch a cultivation war with the leadership of Buddhist temples to address the current food crisis in the country under the edict of the Malwatte Chief Prelate Most Ven. Thibbotuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thera.

He pointed out that our country is facing a food shortage and that the Maha Sangha has taken the lead in addressing the challenges in the past such as epidemics and war that has befallen this country.

He said likewise the Maha Sangha will lead the way this time too to lead in the country when moving forward from where it is today.

The Thera said politicians should take steps to increase agriculture production in the country without pointing fingers at each other and without seeking political gain.

Meanwhile, in the Colombo district, there is an urban environment, but cultivation should be done in such a way that there is space in the garden. He said that as a solution to the food crisis in the country, a cultivation program has been launched centering on all the temples in the country and he hopes to encourage the people to launch the relevant program in rural areas under the leadership of the Chief Incumbents.

Experts in the field of agriculture have pointed out that there will be a food crisis in the future and to overcome this, all people should engage in cultivation as much as possible, said Ven. Pagnananda Thera.

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