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SLBFE to help Public Servants seeking foreign jobs

Public servants who wish to go abroad for employment have been given the opportunity to register with the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) and enter their details on the Bureau’s website in order to find suitable job opportunities for them, said Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment Manusha Nanayakkara yesterday.

The Minister said that an expeditious programme to attract foreign exchange to the country has been initiated with the intervention of the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment and steps will be taken to provide an opportunity for public servants to go abroad for employment.

The Minister said that he intends to hold discussions with the Ministry of Public Administration to issue the necessary Circulars to allow the public servant to go abroad without any hindrance to his pension and seniority.

The Minister noted this during a meeting with foreign employment agents.

The Minister said that foreign employment agencies play a vital role in sending public servants abroad and finding employment opportunities for them.

“Opportunities are provided for foreign employment for those in the public service. We give them the opportunity to go abroad without affecting the seniority and pensions of public servants. We will discuss the matter with the line ministries and issue the necessary circulars”.

“Public servants who wish to go abroad can access the Foreign Employment Bureau website and enter their information. The job opportunities as well as the qualifications required for that will be published on the same website in the future” he added.

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