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Power cuts to end soon

The present power cut will come to an end soon probably within the next two months period, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) Chairman M.M.C. Fernando said. An uninterrupted power supply will probably be available by August, he said. Whe he asked what measures should be taken to end the present power crisis and to provide an uninterrupted power supply, he said that the CEB is working on implement thee power generation projects including a project of installing three gas turbines. Besides, three LNG power plants are going to be established. However, attention will be drawn on renewable energy projects as they take less time for commence operation in comparison with other energy projects.

However it has no idea to extend the present time duration of power cut any more.

“With the blessings of the present rainy situation, the volume of hydro power generation has gone up and we hope the this situation will improve,” he said. He noted that the CEB needs a continuous supply of diesel for thermal power generation in order to ends the power cuts.

Chairman of the Sustainable Energy Authority Ranjith Sepala said that the system runs at a dearth of 500 Megawatts daily. This gap should be filled to come to a long lasting solution for the present crisis. He suggested that 25,000 rooftop solar projects be establsihed to meet the demand.

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