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Anuradhapura prepares for National Poson Festival

Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi
Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi

The Anuradhapura Poson festival steering committee has been making arrangements to facilitate devotees visiting the Anuradhapura, Mihintale and Thanthirimale sacred cities for Dhana-Seela-Bawana religious activities pertaining to the 2022 National Poson Festival.

The head of the Poson committee Anuradhapura Government Agent Janaka Jayasundara told the Daily News that adequate electricity, drinking water and sanitation facilities are being made available, strictly controlling government expenditure and encouraging volunteer organizations, private sector enterprises, donors and philanthropists to extend support to perform the traditional Poson religious observances and in fulfilling extra infrastructural facilities in the sacred cities for visitors.

The Poson committee expects a minimum of 500,000 devotees to arrive in Anuradhapura during the 2022 Poson Festival season.

Poson Full Moon day falls on June 14. The period between June 11 to 17 is declared Poson Week during which all liquor shops and meat stalls in the Anuradhapura district will be kept closed.

Government Agent Jayasundara said that the Maha Sangha headed by Atamasthanadhipathi Ven. Pallengama Siriniwansa Nayaka Thera has insisted that the traditional Poson week long pirith chanting ceremony shall be conductedon a grand scale since in the last two years the pirith chanting was not performed due to the Covid pandemic.

As a preparatory measure, at 3.00 pm on June 10, the procession carrying water extracted from the Thisawewa tank will start from the Isurumuniya temple site and reach the special pirith chanting cubicle, sacred Bo tree and the Maha Seya.

On June 17 the pirith water will be sprinkled around the city and after pirith threads are distributed among the public on June 18, the 2300th Poson festival will come to an end.

The Ruwanweli Chethiyaramadhipathi Ven. Pallegama Hemarathana Nayake Thera requests the pilgrims celebrating the Poson to adhere to the 2022 National Poson Festival theme ‘Get Rid of Hatred’ since hate offers nothing but destruction, degradation and degeneration as being clearly witnessed today in the country.

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