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Girithale farmers ready to cultivate, want fertilizer soon

The Girithale Farmers Association (GFA) welcomed the Government’s decision of importing high quality organic and chemical fertilizer including weedicides and pesticides.

They gave an ultimatum to Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera to expedite importing the necessary fertilizer at least before the end of this month (June) since the current `Yala’ season had already commenced by farmers last month.

GFA Chairman N.R.Subasinghe said this is the time to use both fertilizers to tender rice plants as the plants get wilted due to the continuous attack made by insects, earth worms and other creatures.

He said even agricultural experts who visit paddy cultivation areas warned farmers the correct methods of using both fertilizers, especially chemical fertilizer to rice plants between the tender periods and the well grown periods.

Subasinghe said Minister Amaraweera should know the reason for the drastic drop of the yield that occurred during the last Season due to non-availability of both fertilizers at the correct time.

He also assured the country will never experience a rice shortage during the coming months if adequate fertilizer is provided to farmers all over the country, especially to the rice producing areas.

Subasinghe also thanked Agriculture Minister Amaraweera for encouraging farmer communities to begin cultivating paddy lands, especially abandoned lands and requested the Minister to provide the farmers with both fertilizers before the end of this month, so that farmers could produce sufficient rice during this current `Yala’ Season and assured that there will be no rice shortage in the country.

He also said under this situation if farmers are encouraged by providing fertilizer and also fuel for cultivation purposes our country will never import rice from foreign countries in the future.

Ten farmer organizations at a meeting held in Polonnaruwa handed over a petition to an Agriculture Ministry senior official last month mentioning the grievances of the members of farmer organizations in Polonnaruwa. Subasinghe also requested the Agriculture Ministry to provide them with fertilizer only through countrywide Agrarian Service Centres or registered farmer organizations to curb irregular activities.

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