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Minister concerned over BIA new terminal building project delay

Ports,Shipping and Aviation Services Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva yesterday expressed his disappointment and displeasure to contractors who continue to delay the completion of the new passenger terminal building at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA).

Since these construction companies have been selected by the Japanese Government, a complaint will be sent to the Japanese Government in this regard,” he added.

Even though the contract for the construction of the new passenger terminal building was signed about eight years ago, there is no considerable progress in the construction so far,” the Minister further said.The Minister made these remarks during an inspection tour to the construction site at the BIA yesterday.

The plan to construct a new passenger terminal and related aircraft operating system at the BIA under this project has been stalled at present. The estimated cost for this development project is Rs.113 billion and the JICA has provided financial assistance for the construction.

The construction of the project commenced in 2019 and it should have been in the final phase this year according to the agreement.However, the Minister said that constructions had not been completed to a satisfactory extent so far.

Even though the second terminal was planned to be built according to the regulations for aviation safety, security, efficiency and regularity and environmental protection adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), it has been later revealed that its security system is currently being prepared to construct violating the ICAO standards, contrary to the original plan.

The Minister stressed that it is the duty and responsibility of the relevant construction companies to complete the construction on scheduled time despite the mistakes and delays of the construction company and the fuel crisis.

The Minister further said that the work on this project should be completed on time and emphasized that the benefit of such development projects should be given to the country and the people and necessary steps should be taken for that.

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