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India’s assistance to Sri Lanka earns praise

India’s benevolent humanitarian and monetary assistance to economically-ridden Sri Lanka has brought in praise from world nations who have appreciated the country for its gesture of goodwill.

The assistance would be etched in golden letters in the history of India-Lanka relations.

India has sent assistance worth several billion US dollars to rescue the money-strapped Sri Lankan Government accompanied by shiploads of humanitarian aid, cooking gas, large quantities of fuel, and medicinal supplies, as stated by Sathipattana, a scholastic Buddhist magazine.

India’s assistance to Sri Lanka includes the massive USD 03 Billion Credit Line assistance, the 40,000 metric tons of diesel, shipments of rice, milk powder, and medicinal drugs all worth Rs 2 Billion. Further, 40,000 metric tons of petrol and 400,000 metric tons of cooking gas also arrived from India.

Besides the humanitarian and monetary assistance, India also extended USD 15 million to the Sri Lankan Government for promoting Buddhist religious activities, states Sathipattana. India’s generosity has made every Sri Lankan citizen, and every political party shower praises for its benevolence.

However, to reciprocate India’s efforts, Sri Lanka must select the due strategic geopolitical path for the benefit of the island country and its people.


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