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Sri Lanka Insurance shines at Brand Finance’s Most Valuable, Most Loved Brand Index

The national insurer Sri Lanka Insurance, yet again affirms its superiority in the insurance industry of Sri Lanka being the Most Loved Brand in the Life Insurance and General Insurance categories and Most Valuable General Insurance Brand at the Brand Finance’s Most Valuable and Most Loved brand index for the fifth consecutive year.

Amidst the difficult times Sri Lanka Insurance continues to extend its effort to inculcate the importance of having insurance and has been at the forefront of propelling the nation’s development. The same business values cascaded through product and market development initiatives.

Sri Lanka Insurance General, the market leader in the category has carefully curated insurance solutions fit for different market segments. The flagship brand Sri Lanka Insurance Motor Plus dominates the vehicle insurance market with a set of sub-product brands under the main brand.

The claim intimation process has been further enhanced to deliver efficiency and convenience to customers as the Bee Express claim system within three working hours. Further the insurer has the most advanced technical knowledge based in the industry with necessary expertise to provide accurate assessment and exceptional service to policyholders. ‘Motor Plus Road Safety Heroes’ in parallel to the United Nations Global Road Safety Week to help raise awareness on road safety considering the alarming rate of road accidents and deaths in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Insurance Life boasts a product portfolio consisting of an array of insurance solutions that cater to different insurance needs of the market and has revamped its core insurance solutions to ensure life insurance is more accessible to the mainstream market. Also, Sri Lanka Insurance Life continuously declared the largest life insurance bonuses ever to be declared in the insurance industry of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Insurance has been making steady progress transforming the operational architecture and front end customer interfaces to ensure the digital integration.

Further Sri Lanka Insurance has conducted many ground level consumer engaging activities to work closely with the general public and raise awareness about the insurance services offered by Sri Lanka Insurance.

Rising to New Norm is one such initiativelaunched with a series of awareness programmes across the country to educate general masses on the importance of following good health practices against Covid-19 during the new normal condition.

As the pioneer of the insurance industry, Sri Lanka Insurance has been a brand synonymous with resilience in the face of adversity. The brand has come a long way since its inception transforming Sri Lanka’s consumer brand landscape to receive the honour of being voted continuously as the “Most Loved Life Insurance Brand” and the “Most Loved General Insurance Brand”.

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