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BASL raising concerns over indiscriminate arrests

Ensure investigations take place within parameters of law:

The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) while raising concerns over the indiscriminate arrests in relation to the violence which occurred in the wake of the incidents on May 9 yesterday urged IGP C. D. Wickramaratne to take urgent measures to immediately advise his subordinate officers to ensure that all investigations take place within the parameters of the law.

The Association in a letter signed by BASL President Saliya Peiris PC and Secretary Isuru Balapatabendi also urged to ensure that all investigations are conducted in an independent and impartial manner.

“We hardly need to emphasize the need for Police investigations to be independent and impartial and to be free from unlawful interferences. Allegations of bias against the law enforcement authorities will lead to a serious loss of public confidence and will worsen the law and order situation in the country,” the Association states in a letter to the IGP.

The Association insists that such allegations will also impact on the human rights situation in the country and could also lead to other consequences which may well affect moves to restore political, economic and social stability in Sri Lanka.

The BASL said that members of the Association have raised serious concern over the partiality of the Police Department in carrying out investigations and making arrests over incidents of violence across the country. “The gravity of these allegations are compounded by the recent revelations attributed to statements made by you of political bias on the part of may Officers in charge of Police stations and the manner of their selection,” the letter adds.

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