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SJB MP’s son, his wife flee after abusing E-way Police

An altercation was reported yesterday between a senior Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP’s son and the police at the Bedigama Interchange on the Southern Expressway yesterday. The incident had taken place when two police officers had stopped the MP’s son’s cab when he had tried to enter the Expressway with a refrigerator loaded at the back of the vehicle. 

The man involved in the incident was identified as the son of SJB MP Dilip Wedaarachchi.

Footage of the incident was circulating on social media yesterday where the parliamentarian’s son and a woman who was with him were abusing the two policemen on duty in obscene language after being prevented from entering the Expressway.

It is reported that the Policeman had subsequently filed a complaint with the Weeraketiya Police station regarding the incident. However, MP Dilip Wedaarachchi’s son, Ravindu Wedaarachchi had posted a clarification on social media, claiming that the Police officer had initially attempted to assault him. He had said that the police officer had manhandled him and threatened him where he had then retaliated with words.

Police Spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa said an inquiry has been launched into the incident. He said that the son of MP Wedaarachchi, former Tangalle Mayor Ravindu Wedaarachchi and his wife Nethmi Harindika Silva who are wanted in connection with this incident are evading arrest and have fled the area. The police warned anyone aiding them to evade arrest would also have to face the consequences as this was a criminal offence.


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