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PM’s nation building efforts must not be scuttled - UNP

Every Sri Lankan citizen must stand against anyone disturbing Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s nation building endeavour at this critical juncture, United National Party Chairman Vajira Abeywardane said.

He told the media in Colombo yesterday, that this is not the time for anyone to achieve their dreams of becoming a President, Prime Minister or a Minister. He said the country is experiencing a shortage of essential drugs, paper, fuel and electricity at present, Therefore, there is no possibility to hold an election at this moment.

“Through the 19th Amendment, the executive powers of the President were transferred to Parliament. Those in the Opposition today are attempting to reverse this move thereby depriving the Parliament of holding such powers. They are not taking decisions based on national-level requirements,” Abeywardane said.He said today the country needs a national policy framework that cannot be changed for years in order to achieve success. Such a framework should be finalized with the support of every fraction in the political arena, he added.“There is a slogan by the public that the Rajapaksas should leave politics now. Those in the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna must think of it very seriously. If someone opposes the move to prevent dual citizens entering politics that person is going against the public opinion.”



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