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SPC officials reveal malpractices

COPE finds Rs. 645 Mn computer scam

IT company fails to create functioning system

The Committee on Public Enterprise (COPE) found that a company had been given Rs.645 million to set up a computer system for the management of medical supplies but the system was not functioning properly.

The officials of the State Pharmaceutical Corporation of Sri Lanka (SPC) made these revelation when they were summoned before the COPE Committee on Tuesday to discuss the current performance  and shortage of drugs in government hospitals as at May 13, 2022 and the measures taken to address the shortage.

COPE also observed that the computer system had not been properly updated and used, even though Rs.5 million is spent a month for the maintenance of this system.

Due to this, work has already commenced to prepare a new computer system at a lower cost and about 80% of the work has already been completed, officials stated.

COPE Committee Chairman Prof.Charitha Herath also focused on the methodology for calculating the drug requirement in the country and pointed out the importance of maintaining such a system more accurately.

The Members of Parliament who were present pointed out that this method would enable them to identify the need for medicines on a daily basis and the shortage of medicines in advance and take necessary steps to address them.

The procurement process of the State Pharmaceutical Corporation of Sri Lanka (SPC), the Medical Supplies Division of the Ministry of Health (MSD) and the National Drug Regulatory Authority(NMRA) were also discussed at this meeting. He further said that it is important for the country to have an efficient relationship with each other, especially as these institutions identify the need for drugs in the country and procure drugs.

In addition, there was a discussion on the delay in purchasing essential medicines for heart disease, essential medicines for diabetes, medicines used for anesthesia and essential medicines used for allergies and alternative medicines that can be used for such essential medicines. Discussions were also held on resolving the shortage of medicines for the 1990 Suwa Seriya ambulance service.



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