Sapugaskanda begins refining crude oil again | Daily News

Sapugaskanda begins refining crude oil again

Litro Gas begins distribution with 50,000 cylinders

The Sapugaskanda crude oil refinery’s purifying process recommenced yesterday after a lapse of nearly three months. The commencement of the purifying process was delayed due to a minor technical issue reported at the Sapugaskanda refinery.

After rectifying the issue the refinery is in operation by now and it has been planned to produce furnace oil first.

Long queues are observed in various parts of the country at fuel filling stations and gas stations aiming to obtain mainly diesel and LP gas. Litro Gas Lanka has planned to distribute 50,000 gas cylinders countrywide on a daily basis till today (2). Around 60 percent of the gas cylinders are distributed in Colombo and Gampaha districts aiming to end the LPG scarcity promptly.

The country received 3,950 metric tones of LP gas on Monday and another shipment of around 3,500 metric tones of LP gas will arrive in the country this weekend.

Litro Gas has released details of LP gas dealers where consumers can purchase LP gas cylinders today.


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