Income of Polpithigama PS goes down drastically | Daily News

Income of Polpithigama PS goes down drastically

Chairman of the Polpithigama Pradeshiys Sabha, Ranjith Wijenayake told the Daily News that the annual income of the Sabha has gone down drastically. He said that there are nearly 1,300 business places including shops, groceries, fish and

meat stalls, motorcycle sales centres and small industries in the area. But at present most of these business places have been closed due to the present economic crisis. Last year we were able to collect nearly a sum of Rs.4 million as taxes,” said the Chairman.The income we get from the weekly fairs in the area too has gone down. As there were no tenderers, we have to deploy the workers of our Sabha to run these fairs. Anyway, we render our service to the people in spite of all these difficulties” he added.


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